Your Med – Your Medical Centre

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the people who have entrusted us, providing top-quality healthcare in a caring, patient-centered environment.

At Your Med, our patients are our top priority. That’s why we listen to their needs and expectations to ensure a peaceful and effective treatment process.


Your Med Medical Center provides patients with comprehensive specialist treatments and medical services using the highest quality preparations and medical equipment in a caring and safe environment.


It all began with a dream…

Of a place we would create from scratch – harmonious and beautiful.

A place where we would effectively influence the appearance of our patients, thereby contributing to their mental well-being, building a better quality of life and greater self-assurance.

A place where the greatest strength would be the people.

A place where patients would be treated by experienced and dedicated doctors, using the most advanced medical equipment and original, proven preparations.

In 2017, our dreams became a reality – we opened Your Med Medical Center for you. Boldly looking towards the future, we believe in our potential to reach higher.


People create the place. They are its strength and greatest value. They shape its atmosphere and give it character. This is true for us as well. Your Med Medical Center is co-created by experienced doctors, the best in their fields, and medical staff who know how to comprehensively care for patients. We enjoy working together, with experience from renowned medical clinics in Warsaw and throughout Poland. Our passion unites us – it has brought us to this place, which we create together every day. We are not afraid to take on challenges and take responsibility for the patients we treat. We value the diversity of our team – consisting of doctors from various specialties, which allows us to consult patients and develop individual treatment plans. We share our knowledge in a creative exchange of ideas, information, and opinions. We are here for you.