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Laser PicoLO Premium is a next-generation picosecond laser by the renowned manufacturer Laseroptek Ltd. It is designed for skin remodeling and rejuvenation treatments, scar and stretch mark removal, pigment disorder treatment, and tattoo removal.

V-Laser - vascular laser

The V-laser is currently the most advanced and effective laser in its class. This device is used for the removal of a wide range of vascular problems.

Secret RF 2.0

Secret RF is a highly acclaimed, world-leading RF medical platform that enables the utilization of the device in both standard fractional micro-needling RF procedures (skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, scar and stretch mark reduction, hyperhidrosis treatment) as well as the application of thermo-coagulation techniques, thanks to the innovative Smartcure headpiece utilizing needle electrodes (closing vessels, acne treatment, scar revision).

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